Around November of each year, Jeff and a couple of invited partners travel to Calistoga, California to work with Rudy von Strasser to blend our Monogram Bordeaux style wine.  The process is both fascinating as well as rewarding given that the blend will then age for another year be bottled labeled and distributed to all of the partners as a part of their five case allocation.  The blending process is a combination of both artistry and science where the resulting wine is often described as elegant, full bodied, and  fruit forward.   

How we operate:

Every Winery has at least one Labrador. Meet our product control specialist Samantha.

Each year the partners are asked to contributed an annual fee that includes the an allocation of five cases of our Signature Wine.  We also host an annual Signature Wine Partners event where we bring in industry experts to discuss trends and other exciting news about the wine in the Napa Valley.